And So it goes

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The three principal endeavours of a Bard:

One is to learn and collect sciences;

The second is to teach;

And the third is to make peace

And to put an end to all injury;

For to do contrary to these things

Is not usual or becoming to a Bard.[i]

The series of writing in And So it Goes interrogates Australian culture in the context of family and truthtelling.


‘Rusty’ Rups’ Xmas in the Camps

Remembering Elizabeth Pulley on ‘Australia Day’ 

Anzac Day: Remembering family, their stories and reality’s challenge to idealism

Anthony Rope and the Sydney Cove Brickworks

Australia Day: conflicts and alternatives

Response to ‘Dark Emu’

Education Week: the Mudgee Ropes and the Lawson Creek Schools

Rusty Rups’ Liberation from Kranji

Embedded Racism: we’ve been here before

Remembering Rusty’s time as WWII prisoner-of-war

Australia Day, Welcome to Country, Loving Country and sand talk.

The Ides of May

If we could just dance together we would be friends: Remembering Margaret Walker OAM (1920-1996) for International Womens Day

Revisiting Australian History.

I began blogging in 2013 at ‘For Love of Gaia’ (Homepage)ForLoveofGaia explores the intersections of life experience, culture, religious and spiritual beliefs (spiritual ground), the emerging theories and philosophy of new science, and practice/spiritual matrix (performance, ritual, performance-ritual).  Since the I have extended to writing about ancestral journeys such as,  Elizabeth Pulley Sets Sail and other stories and From Miller to Rope, the Matriarchs as well as uploading a visual summary and the text for the performed elements of my thesis, Centre of the Storm.

[i] The Triads of Britain as quoted in Pennick, N. Celtic Sacred Landscapes, UK, Thames & Hudson, 1996


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