And So it goes

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The three principal endeavours of a Bard:

One is to learn and collect sciences;

The second is to teach;

And the third is to make peace

And to put an end to all injury;

For to do contrary to these things

Is not usual or becoming to a Bard.[i]

It seems that it has become impossible in many blogging sites to ‘like’ or add comments to friend’s posts that I like without joining network’s like google + and wordpress.  So I have.

Initially I had no real aim for this And So It Goes blog, hoping it would shape itself.  It has;  turning out to focus on, and interrogate, the Australian context, culture, and family.

I began blogging in 2013 at ‘For Love of Gaia’.  After a long hiatus I was hoping to be able to return to performance as a sacred art in practice, and blog about it – ‘to explore and foster conversation about the artistic, ethical and philosophical aspects of performance-ritual, that is, performance in the context of ritual and the sacred’.  It hasn’t really turned out that way.

Instead, beginning with quotes, the ‘forloveofgaia’ blogs moved on to topics that explored cultural and religious ideas and questions.  The underlying questions became,


[i] The Triads of Britain as quoted in Pennick, N. Celtic Sacred Landscapes, UK, Thames & Hudson, 1996